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Connecting Farmers to their Communities and Communities to their Farmers.

Farmers2Market has been developed to assist anyone in the farming, agricultural, fisheries or textiles industries the ability to market what they farm to those in their community.

Farmers2Market is about giving our Farmers and Consumers a choice in delivering farm fresh items.  We want to reduce dependency on middleman food chain processors and distributors and enable direct communication with the Farmers.  We want to ensure Farmers can maximize their profits and not have to be dependent on undercutting their farming costs just to get their product to market.  Farmers2Market is all about ensuring and maintaining fair and equitable farming practices governed by the Farmers, Communities and Consumers.

We welcome farmers of every aspect of farming.  If you sell a product or service that uses a farmed ingredient (milk, honey, wool, proteins, starches etc.) then that places you into the category of a farmer and we want to assist you in connecting what you sell into your community. 

We are in the business of marketing Farmers.